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Easy File Undelete 3.0

Well-made utility that recovers deleted files from hard disks or flash drives
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Easy File Undelete recovers deleted files (even those that are partially overwritten). It has two main methods of scanning: a fast one, which looks through the MFT (Master File Table) or FAT (File Allocation Table), and a comprehensive/raw one, which scans each cluster on a disk or partition. This last method takes a huge amount of time to complete and is worth it only if you know for certain that the first method did not find the file you were looking for. The quick scan usually achieves great results.

This application is made effective by some interesting features. The list of deleted files can be viewed in one of three ways: each folder with its files, by file type or filtered by some criteria you choose. The last two make it very easy to find the files that you are looking for. Another interesting functionality is that the program shows a preview for some files, like images. This, combined with the display of HEX content for each file (excepting very large ones) lets you accurately identify the files you’re about to recover and also see if the content is unaltered.

Oddly enough, this utility can also save a disk image.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Quick scan
  • Comprehensive scan
  • File organization methods
  • Previews
  • Can save disk images


  • Trial can recover only three files
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